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ESP Particle Pult

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Unlike relatively aerodynamic boilies, particle baits are difficult to
catapult any distance beyond about 15 to 20 metres. This ESP Particle
Pult can be relied upon to consistently achieve maximum distances and
at the same time to minimise spread with a range of popular baits
including pellets, sweetcorn, tigernuts and hemp.


The generous wide gape pouch will fire serious quantities of bait quickly
and efficiently out-performing all other methods of particle delivery
within its range.


Extra long 15" (38cm) sections of special twin walled latex provide a
long, slow and soft action which helps to keep each bait delivery tight
and concentrated.


Natural latex has unique power and elasticity but also has a limited
lifespan and should be replaced regularly.

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  • 25/10/15 - Cottington, Black Lake

    Canal, Ladies Walk Cottington, Black Lake Name Weight (kg) Points    Total Name Weight (kg) Points Total Chris S. 2.350 Read More
  • 27/09/15 - Summer League, Ladies Walk

    Marshside, Scroggins Canal, Ladies Walk Name Weight (kg) Points Total Name Weight (kg) Points Total Rob T. 28.600 36 76 Read More
  • 30/08/15 - Summer League, Marshside

    Ballast Pit Marshside, Scroggins Name Weight (kg) Points Name Weight (kg) Points Total Rob T. 15.000 40 Rob T. 28.600 Read More
  • 26/07/15 - Summer League, Ballast Pit

    Ballast Pit Name Weight (kg) Points Rob T. 15.000 40 Bamber 14.250 39 Mark 12.600 38 Graham 11.250 37 Nick Read More
  • 31/05/15 - Bax Farm

    Bax Farm Name Weight (kg) Points Total Ian B. 13.500 38 181 Kevin D. 13.400 37 165 Kerry D. 5.200 Read More
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