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The JPz are here! A totally different type of bait that is set to revolutionise coarse fishing...

After 19 years researching alternative baits, a team of Marukyu scientists have finalised what has been described as a truly massive innovation in fishing bait technology. 
The idea started as a vision by the highly skilled team of Marukyu technologists. Once they were satisfied with the science behind the bait, further research and painstaking development with local pro staff was conducted to ensure that in real fishing situations, JPz were perfect.

The Science
In simple terms, JPz have been formulated to ensure that the bait’s proteins and their associated amino acids work together to maximum effect in attracting fish, stimulating their feeding behaviour and bringing them back for more. 

The bait’s sophisticated recipe is designed to release key feeding triggers to make it so incredibly effective. In part, this relies on a special form of polysaccharide science, but the exact make-up of the bait must remain secret. As with all Marukyu’s baits, JPz are made from high quality foodstuffs that are free from manufactured chemicals and any other ingredients that are harmful to fish or the aquatic environment.

Marukyu has developed a  unique machine made specifically to mass produce JPz to the highest levels of consistency.

The Innovative Features
•    A ‘pellet’ that looks and feels like jelly but with totally different characteristics.
•    No grain means JPz will not split when hooked.
•    Can be hair-rigged, side hooked and banded
•    Soft texture that does not impede the hook
•    Will not fall off on the cast because of the in-built durability
•    Controlled attractant release
•    Multi-ingredient formula means that the baits are rich and complex
•    All-temperature features to ensure maximum effectiveness in warm and cold-water conditions
•    Can be cut to suit hook sizes without affecting their fish-catching performance.

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  • 25/10/15 - Cottington, Black Lake

    Canal, Ladies Walk Cottington, Black Lake Name Weight (kg) Points    Total Name Weight (kg) Points Total Chris S. 2.350 Read More
  • 27/09/15 - Summer League, Ladies Walk

    Marshside, Scroggins Canal, Ladies Walk Name Weight (kg) Points Total Name Weight (kg) Points Total Rob T. 28.600 36 76 Read More
  • 30/08/15 - Summer League, Marshside

    Ballast Pit Marshside, Scroggins Name Weight (kg) Points Name Weight (kg) Points Total Rob T. 15.000 40 Rob T. 28.600 Read More
  • 26/07/15 - Summer League, Ballast Pit

    Ballast Pit Name Weight (kg) Points Rob T. 15.000 40 Bamber 14.250 39 Mark 12.600 38 Graham 11.250 37 Nick Read More
  • 31/05/15 - Bax Farm

    Bax Farm Name Weight (kg) Points Total Ian B. 13.500 38 181 Kevin D. 13.400 37 165 Kerry D. 5.200 Read More
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